Sunday, April 22, 2018
 Historic Corbetton Church Now....


 Historic Corbetton Church is a quaint country church that was relocated from the community of Corbetton in Melancthon Township to the grounds of the Dufferin county Museum in 1999. Its relocation and subsequent restoration represents one of the largest preservation projects undertaken by the DCMA, and paid for exclusively through donations of funds, time and materials; no tax dollars were used to cover the project’s $250,000 price tag. Today, Historic Corbetton Church proudly stands on the north end of the DCMA grounds, as both a fine example of early rural church architecture, and what can be achieved through community co-operation and involvement.
 Historic Corbetton Church is now non-denominational, and used regularly for a variety of special events, programs, lectures and ceremonies, including weddings, memorials and baptisms. Historic Corbetton Church is available to rent by the public. Click here for rental information.
 Historic Corbetton Church Then....
 According to sources at the United Church Archives in Toronto, including the Methodist Missionary Society Report, a Wesleyan Methodist congregation called Ebenezer was organized in the Corbetton area of Melancthon township about 1875. In 1885, the congregation's name appears as "Corbetton" in the Missionary Society Report.

For the first ten years the congregation met in an old school, its exact location unknown. On October 15, 1885 the Corbetton congregation purchased part of Lot 260, Concession 1 SW (“Southwest”) of the Toronto and Sydenham Road in the Township of Melancthon. The land was sold by James and Jane Corbett, hotelkeepers, to the Trustees of the Corbetton Congregation of the Methodist Church of Canada for the sum of $70.00!




The Christian Guardian Newspaper reported on December 30, 1885 that the church was completed. The Guardian provides an informative account of the dedicatory service and the enthusiasm of the community for the building of the church. An excerpt reads:

“For many years the members of the Methodist Church at Corbetton and vicinity have, with considerable inconvenience, worshipped in a small and uncomfortably seated schoolhouse. Since last June there has been a large accession to the membership; and the friends of the cause, feeling more than ever the necessity of better accommodations, decided to erect a church…The building is 26 X 42, a scantling frame, on a stone foundation, veneered with brick, and now complete. A shed has been erected 66 feet long, the upper part of which is fitted up for an eating room on tea-meeting occasions. The building, grounds and shed, have cost, in cash $750. Besides this, there has been donated lumber and a large amount of labour. Some of the Trustees and friends, with a devotion seldom equaled have given their whole time to aiding those who were erecting the building, besides subscribing in money to the very utmost of their ability.”


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