Sunday, April 22, 2018
About What's Inside Lower Level
Lower Level

Below our main level, on Level 1, you will find the Dufferin County Archives and Reading Room, artifact storage rooms, long gallery, and staff offices. Visitors are invited and encouraged to explore Level 1, as well as peek in the windows of the conservation and collections rooms to see observe staff and volunteers working on a variety of projects.

The Archives Reading Room is a place for visitors and researchers to explore their community, family and property histories. Visitors have access to microfilm readers, printers, and desk space, and to our excellent and knowledgeable Archives staff and volunteers. The Reading Room also showcases changing artifact displays in beautiful antique cases, formerly of Morrow's Jewellery Store in Orangeville, c. 1880.

Unlike many museums, the DCMA opens up a large portion of its artifact storage space to the public for viewing (and drooling!). The Large Artifact Storage Room on Level 1 is open to visitors year round, and features racks of precious Dufferin county heirlooms in the form of furniture, wagons and buggies, small agricultural tools and implements, household items, pianos and pump organs, and business signs, just to name a few. When visiting the Large Artifact Storage Room, look for the shotgun lamp, horse drawn hearse, and shoe store x-ray machine, among other popular items! And it’s a different experience each time you visit this room; artifacts are constantly rotating between this room and the main exhibit areas upstairs, so visit our basement often!

Level 1 also features a hallway we call our “Long Gallery,” home to changing exhibits of artwork, artifacts and photographs. Staff and volunteers also have offices and workrooms in this area, so feel free to peek in the windows and poke your head in to say hello; you may just receive an impromptu tour and discussion of the latest projects and activities…
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