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Wall Plaque, 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland
The 2 metre circular white pine plaque was the gift of the Dutch community of Dufferin county in 1995 to express their gratitude to the people of Canada and the Canadian forces for the liberation of Holland in 1945. Carved by Peter Turell of Grand Valley, Ontario, it depicts a Canadian soldier “joining hands across the sea “with a Dutch woman and child. The soldier stands on a map of Canada, the woman and child on a map of The Netherlands.

Spiral Staircase & Railing Interiors
The ironwork spiral staircase leading from the Museum’s Main Gallery to the Mezzanine Gallery is a composite of two staircases, built 1880, that were originally in the Dufferin County Gaol (jail) on Zina Street in Orangeville.

The strap work in the balustrade along the Mezzanine Level was salvaged from Trinity United Church in Grand Valley which was wrecked by the devastating tornado of May 31, 1985; a day that many in Dufferin county will never forget.

Stained Glass Windows
Beautiful and historic stained glass windows are featured in several locations within the Museum. The large and colourful stained glass window installed on the beams high above the Main Gallery came from Riverview United Church in Melancthon township which was demolished in 1992. The windows date to 1903 when the church was built.

The beautiful round “rose” window found high above Dufferin House on the north wall (which you can also see from the outside on the north façade) is also from Riverview United Church. In fact, the colour scheme inside the DCMA was inspired by this window!

The other large Gothic window features the “anchor of faith” in its central medallion. It comes from Hornings Mills Presbyterian Church, built in 1912 and demolished in 2009.

Within the long and winding staircase in the DCMA’s silo are stained glass windows from Shelburne Methodist Church. They too date to 1903 and were installed during a 1903 renovation to the church which itself was built in 1881. The building later served as Wesley United Church and then the meeting hall of Lorne Lodge AF & AM.

Grand Central Sign & Local Business Signs
Look high above the DCMA’s Main Gallery and you will discover the very top portion of the façade of one of Orangeville’s most famous hotels on its main street, Broadway. The Grand Central Hotel was a three storey structure, originally built in 1894. It provided accommodation and refreshments, but during Orangeville’s long dry-spell (1910 – 1968), it was best known for the quality of its diningroom. The Grand Central was demolished in 1989. Looking up and around the Main Gallery, you will see large advertising and location signs from a number of Dufferin county businesses, ranging from farm equipment suppliers to automotive mechanics to a very popular bakery.

Rolling Gate
Check out our unique rolling gate by our reception desk, comprised of three “courses” of old metal fencing. The top and bottom courses are part of the decorative fencing that once surrounded Baker’s Methodist Church and Cemetery at Banda, on the very north edge of Dufferin county. The middle course was salvaged from the fence that surrounded the Jail Governor’s residence and yard in the Dufferin County Court house, at the south end of the county.

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