Sunday, April 22, 2018
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What We Offer Our Paid Members

Person Searches
 Want to know more about your ancestors from Dufferin County? A person search is a great place to start. Find birth dates, names, religion, and even if they were a veteran, business owner or famous!
Military Records

Is there a hero in your family? A search our veteran’s records may reveal when, where and how your ancestors served their country from the Napoleonic Wars to Afghanistan.

Genealogical Resources

Looking for that last tidbit?  Take a look at the Family Trees compiled by researchers and Archives Staff to finish off the story of your ancestors.


Ever wanted to know the history of your home or business?  Search our property records – coming soon!


Want to know more about the town or township in Dufferin County that your family came from? Search here for Archivist research and stories!

Church Records

Search Dufferin County Church Records for birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial information.

Famous Persons

Is there someone famous, or infamous in your family? From inventors to sports stars; a search our Famous People files may reveal some surprises!

Local Resources

Add some flavour to your family’s story by searching our local histories, maps and DCMA artifact collections.  You never know what we may have!


Our local newspapers are 75% indexed and 20% transcribed.  Records include the Grand Valley Star & Vidette (1900-1908, 1926-91), Orangeville Banner (1906 – 2012), Orangeville Citizen (1933 and 1961 – 2012), Orangeville Sun (1861-1933), Shelburne Economist (1883 – 1928), Shelburne Free Press (1887 – 1928), Shelburne Free Press & Economist (1928 – 2012)

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